Every palm leaf contains up to 14 chapters.
  1. General Chapter (you heard it in the palm leaf reading)
  2. Education & Wealth
  3. Siblings
  4. Your mother. Material aspects like house, land, vehicles and material comfort
  5. Children
  6. Enemies and Diseases
  7. Marriage/Relationships
  8. Life span
  9. Your father and ancestors. Your spiritual path.
  10. Career/Job/Business
  11. Luck, profits, potential second marriage
  12. Foreign connection and next incarnation.
  13. Previous birth and old Karma
  14. Energetic remedies to improve your life path. (you heard it already)
Additional chapters can only be read after your first palm leaf reading.  * Chapters 4 & 9 will only include your mother or father, if they are still living.