Welcome to the free daily online meditation

We warmly welcome you to the online meditation room that we are offering daily for 30 days, starting from October 16th.

It is a Zoom room that is dedicated to silent meditation to invite blessings and grace to this world and humanity, which means also to YOU ­čÖé

Every day from 8am to 9am CET, one of our team members is going to hold the space and invite the blessings of the Rishis.

You can join and leave at any time.

It is a silent space of meditation. All microphones are off.

You are very welcome to keep your camera on, but you can keep it off, if you prefer.

The online meditation room is simply a zoom room dedicated to meditating together. The meditation is dedicated to invite blessings, light and grace for this world and humanity.

All you need to do is to join the zoom room between 8am and 9am CET and sit in meditation. You can either just receive or also pray in silence for the healing and awakening of humanity and this world.

It is totally free?
Keep your microphone off. It is a silent room

You are invited to keep your camera on, but you can switch it off as well.

We simply feel inspired to pray for the benefit of all beings and enjoy to do it together.
You can practice any form of meditation you like.

Focus on your breath. Sit in presence. Pray. Chant. Send blessings to this world. Anything you like.

Sign up on the form below and you receive the link to the Zoom room.

Online Meditation Zoom Room

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