Content Creator

Mypalmleaf is built on collaboration and partnerships.

The mission of Mypalmleaf is to share the wisdom and guidance of the palm leaves.
Together we co-create a network that contributes to the evolution and healing of humanity by making the wisdom, blessings, and support of the Rishis and timeless masters easily accessible and tangible.

As a content creator, you are creating inspiring text, graphics, and especially video content to share meaningful information that is in some way related to the palm leaves, Rishis, the evolution of humanity, the golden age, or Vedic culture in general.


Absolute Requirements are:

  • You need to be fluent in English
  • You are in alignment with our spiritual mission
  • You have a sincere motivation to contribute to the evolution, healing, and awakening of humanity
  • You are motivated and inspired
  • You can and are willing to take responsibility and be proactive
  • You have had a palm leaf reading yourself and understand the process.
  • You have the motivation and discipline to work in a remote team.
  • You like to communicate and connect with people who are empathic, loving, and authentic.
  • You are open and willing to learn new skills.
  • You went through our website and YouTube channel and have a clear understanding of what Mypalmleaf is doing.
  • You are creative and inspired, like graphic design and video production. You can be behind and in front of the camera.

Bonuses that make you an even more ideal candidate:

  • You are fluent in German. Or another language.
  • You have marketing, communication, or marketing experience

The true reasons to work with Mypalmleaf


Mypalmleaf is a purpose-driven organization that combines deep spiritual practices and understandings with down-to-earth work structures that support you in your professional growth. We co-create an inspiring work environment that contributes to the evolution of humanity and that intends to see and help you as the unique human being you are. As a team, we work together in a positive, supportive team spirit that intends to bring out and support your skills and talents while also providing an abundant income to sustain your life.


Remote team:

It is a remote position and you can live anywhere in the world. As our core team is in India, Europe, and Mexico, it is best if you live somewhere in-between these time zones. You need to have a functioning computer and stable internet access.
You will attend regular team meetings and work in communication with your team members and the guidance of your manager. Still, you will mainly create this position yourself with the overall aim to create and share content about the Rishis, palm leaves, and the evolution of humanity and ultimately increase interest in our services and the number of bookings of readings.

Compensation and Salary:


Your salary will be negotiated with the intention to make a win-win agreement that pays an above-market salary for you and is affordable for us. For that reason, we like to work with young, highly motivated, and intelligent beings living in low-cost countries that we can coach and teach to become highly professional and successful.
We can not post a clearly defined salary offer here as many factors play a role in it, but we always intend to create satisfying agreements with the opportunity to grow together with the organization.

How to apply:

Send us a message asking us to“send more info”.

Send us a Short 1-5 min selfie video clip telling us about yourself and why you want to work with us. It does not need to be professional. Don’t postpone it and don’t be shy, just do it now. That’s the attitude we would love to welcome into our team.
We will interview every serious applicant who sends us a video in a 10 min speed interview.
Make the video now and send it to