Maharishis and Nadi Astrology

By Akiladevi Shanmuganathan
Learn about the maharishis, authors of the Nadi astrology leaves.

The palm leaf manuscripts and the Nadi astrology predictions they contain were written by Siddhas, Maharishis and scholars. They wrote these texts were written in several different languages. We know that scholars are specialists in a particular field of study or academics, but who are these Siddhas or rishis?

Siddhas, Maharishis and Nadi Astrology

Siddhas are individuals who have, and use, super spiritual powers. Apparently, the Siddhas received their super spiritual powers from the Almighty. Supposedly, through various different yogic practices – they are superhumans with divine blessings. Many Siddhas have lived and are still living, some even consider them to be immortal.

Among the many Siddhas and rishis known throughout Indian/oriental history, there were 7 rishis during the Vedic period in India (c. 1500 – c. 500 BCE) many consider to be the most powerful and renowned of all.

Maharishi Kamalamuni at a temple in Tamil Nadu
Maharishi Kamalamuni

The Saptarishi (Seven Rishis)

The term saptarishi means seven rishis (sages or seers). However, as in common to this period in Indian history, the list of exactly which seven rishis actually constitute the saptarishi varies from region to region, text to text, time period to time period. 

Actually, the Vedic literature that refers to the saptarishi never lists them by name. Lists of their names only begin to appear in later texts.

The text Jaiminiya Brahmana in verses 2.218–221 lists the saptarishi as: Agastya, Atri, Bhardwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha and Vishvamitra.

A slightly different list appears in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: Atri, Bharadwaja, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa, Vashistha and Vishwamitra.

But Gopatha Brahmana names Vashistha, Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadvaja, Gungu, Agastya and Kashyapa as the seven rishis.

Further, to confuse matters even more it was not uncommon in those days for a single spiritual figure or master to be known by different names depending on the region.

Nadi Astrology predictions
Nadi astrology bundles in temple library

The 18 Maharishis

Although there were many, history has evidence of 18 important Siddhas who contributed enormous amounts of knowledge to the world.

  1. Nandhi Devar
  2. Agathiyar
  3. Thirumoolar
  4. Punnakisar
  5. Pulathiyar
  6. Poonaikannar
  7. Edaikkadar
  8. Bogar
  9. Pulikkaisar
  10. Karuvurar
  11. Konganavar
  12. Kalangi
  13. Azhuganni
  14. Agappaiyar
  15. Pambatti Siddhar
  16. Therayar
  17. Kuthambai
  18. Sattamuni

In addition to mystical knowledge, Tantric practices, and wisdom, all the Siddhas also excelled in medicine and astrology.

Also, there exist traditions within the streams of both Indian and Tibetan Tantric practice that consider 84 Mahasiddhas although again the list tends to vary from tradition to tradition.

Nadi Astrology Uses According to the Maharishis

The Siddhas believed that medicine and astrology are interlinked with each other. In other words, astrology says that the positions of the planet influence the health of the physical human body. Meaning that planetary positions when they are not good for us.

Furthermore, the Siddhas explain that each and every planet in a person’s horoscope will influence that person in different periods of life, and in regards to different aspects.

Also, they understood well that everything in this universe tends towards harmony and for every imbalance there are potential avenues one can take to correct or re-balance the imbalances. 

There is, for example, the story of the God Hanuman, who proved himself stronger than the mighty Saturn and overcame the negative influence.

Thus, in Nadi astrology, the Maharishis often recommend doing puja to Hanuman during negative Saturn periods to bring balancing energy and lessen the effects.

The Power of the Rishis

Siddhars had the ability to look to both the past and future and were able to go to the past through their meditation for some important tasks. Consequently, the Siddhars foresaw the future and, out of love, used this capacity to write important life details of many many human beings on what we now know as the nadi leaves.

Lord Shiva asked Sage Agathiyar to write about the future of people who would live during Kali Yuga (Kali Yuga is the present period in time where all sorts of negativity prevail in the world). Most importantly, he understood that the people whose lives were written about in those leaves would eventually come looking to them for guidance. Stephan discusses the Blessing of the Rishis in this short Youtube Video.

So, Agathiyar and other Siddhars foresaw the lives of people and wrote this information on Palm Leaves, writing 14 chapters for them.

What the Maharishis Wrote in the Nadi Astrology Predictions

The Siddhars had excellent knowledge of foreseeing and astrology, and they used both of these fields of knowledge to write Palm Leaves for millions of people. Therefore, the Siddhars guide us and hold our hands on the way to salvation.

The chapters a person’s Palm Leaf will contain are:

  1. General Chapter
  2. Education & wealth
  3. Siblings
  4. Your Mother and all the material aspects of life
  5. Children & mental peace
  6. Enemies, debt, and diseases
  7. Marriage & relationships
  8. Circumstance & time of your death
  9. Your father, ancestors and spiritual path
  10. Career, business and jobs
  11. Luck, profits, potential second marriage
  12. Foreign connections and next incarnation
  13. Previous birth karma
  14. Remedies to transform karma

All of these chapters are combined into a bundle, with each bundle holding information about each person. Subsequently, Reference leaves contain summaries of each bundle and are stored within an index bundle. Similarly, to modern libraries where we have an index books to find specific books arranged on the shelves. In this way the palm leaves are also arranged with the index bundle. To understand better how this process works, check out our How It Works page.

What the Maharishis Wrote in the Nadi Astrology Predictions

The followers of the Siddhas preserved the leaves using various methods. In addition, temple libraries safely house palm leaves in India, although insects and natural disasters are a pervasive problem. These days, libraries preserve palm leaves with the latest methods to ensure they will continue on to the next generation.

In conclusion, the palm leaves are treasures given to the 21st-century people by the Siddhas, especially Sri Agastya Maharishi, with the blessings of all Gods. Therefore, let us all approach the rishi’s treasure in a positive way so that we too can receive these divine blessings. 

Finally, you may seek the blessing of these masters and begin the search for your ancient Indian palm leaf prophecy here


Akiladevi Shanmuganathan

Akiladevi has from a young age been interested in spirituality and has been involved with Palm Leaf readings for a long time. As part of our digital team, she is one of our blog writers from India.


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