What Are My Palm Leaf Clients Saying About Their Palm Leaf Readings?

What Are My Palm Leaf Clients Saying About Their Palm Leaf Readings?

By Kyle Brooks
See what My Palm Leaf clients are saying about their palm leaf readings. An inside look at the process from the perspective of our past clients!

More than the reading itself, it is the process surrounding a palm leaf reading that creates change in people’s lives. Here we share with you what My Palm Leaf clients are saying about their palm leaf readings.

“The palm leaf readings are just like a tool that helps us open up to their blessings [the Rishis] but that there's far more happening in the background on a energetic level. So when we have a palm leaf reading we are actually connecting with those masters, with the Rishis. We’re opening up to their blessing and when we apply the remedies, the recommended practice to clean and transform the karma, that's when we can really begin to see tangible benefits in our lives.”

Beginning with the connection that is created when you initially hear about the palm leaves, to the deepening of that connection when you finally book your reading. There is certainly much more than meets the eye when it comes to this mystical process.

Not to mention the process following the reading itself. For those that choose to (and we certainly hope that everyone who has a reading does!), the process of practising the remedies and pujas can certainly be a journey in itself.

There are many layers of significance to the Nadi astrology readings. Of course on one level they may seem like simple astrology readings. More than this however, the palm leaf readings are like a vehicle through which the blessings of the Saptarishi can enter into our lives.

Before Your Reading Begins

The anticipation of the build up to the reading can even be a little nerve racking for some. It can be a period in which doubts, problems and questions about our lives begin to bubble to the surface.

Many of our clients report feeling nervous, anxious etc. building up to the reading itself. Themes of anticipation are common. This can be a sign that there is already an energetic momentum building up within a person.

My Palm Leaf clients report different reasons for booking a reading. They also report many different ways of finding out about the palm leaves and the Nadi astrology predictions. For some there was an innate calling from the moment they heard about the palm leaves. While for there was little to no initial interest in having a reading.

But one thing runs like a thread through our many testimonials and conversations with clients. The impulse to book the reading and begin searching for their palm leaf, came at a moment when there was a felt need to create change in life.

Many palm leaves contain a predicted time when the client will come looking for their reading. So in a way the connection with your palm leaf reading, thus with the Rishis, is always present. It’s as if the blessing of the Rishis itself begins bubbling up to the surface. Thus preparing you for the reading.

The palm leaf reading process
Palm Leaf Reader (right) and Translator (left) During the Palm Leaf Reading Process

Client Reports From Inside the Reading Process

“When my palm leaf was found i was happy and curious, maybe a little bit afraid about what would be on there, but mostly it was excitement”

Searching for your leaf

The matching process, one of the major stages in the actual call where your palm leaf is found, can be an especially tense moment for many. This process can be as quick as 20 minutes, or it can take as long as 1.5 hours.

In this part of the reading many doubts tend to come up about the process itself. It is also pretty common that people doubt whether or not their leaf will be found. 

Finding your palm leaf

However when the right leaf is found, many report a shift in the energy of the call. Actually this is even commented on by the moderators who are only indirectly involved in the reading. There seems to be something that changes when the leaf is found.

Many times people find it hard to believe how accurate the information can be. Especially so  when it comes to the names contained in the leaf. Each leaf always contains the birth names of the client and both parents. Sometimes the leaf will also contain the names of siblings or significant partners.

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What My Palm Leaf Clients Are Saying About Their Palm Leaf Readings?

“I learned something about the end of my life that brings me so much peace and joy and fulfilment”

“It was very soothing because there were things that I actually already felt and felt would happen this way, but then I get scared that it won't happen and I feel afraid of the future. But having the palm leaf confirm that everything I feel is also written on my leaf was actually very profound”

My Palm Leaf client Isa
My Palm Leaf Client Isa
Luna my palm leaf client
My Palm Leaf Client Luna

“It was crazy to literally see o a physical leaf like me as an incarnation. I was existing on this leaf before I was even born into this body and blessed with this life and this karma and with the gift of purifying whatever samskaras I have left.”

“Many of the things they confirmed, regarding my gifts, were more about being musically and artistically talented, which are the things that I enjoy. So it was beautiful to have the reassurance and confidence that these are the areas that i should really focus my attention towards”

My palm Leaf client Ali
My Palm Leaf Client Ali
my palm leaf client Katrin
My Palm Leaf Client Katrin

“In the near future within a couple of months they were telling me some things, and these things actually became true, so once these things started happening it was very puzzling and the mind was not able to understand.”

“It helped me feel more relaxed with the trajectory of my life and how things will unfold…like wow everything is coming, you know, everything is coming, just at a later stage in life, and i have other focuses for now”

In general, My Palm Leaf clients report feelings of inspiration, reconnection, gratitude, joy after their readings. Of course the predictions are largely about periods of life many years from now. But some clients have contacted us a few months after their reading to tell us that details of the immediate future given in their reading came true.

The process of opening to receive a prediction about your life that was made centuries before you were born can be a bit of a shock for the mind. But on a more subtle level, it is a profound and moving message to your subconscious mind.

You are not alone, you are deeply supported, loved and your life is being taken care of. And, if you’re open to it, firstly that there is a subtle aspect of this existence. That this realm, or dimension if you will, is an emanation of love. Finally, that very love is always holding, guiding and supporting the way we live and the flow of life in this universe.

Following the reading

“The effect that it had on me was like a deeper connection to the light, to presence to awareness, like a coming back to my center. It was as if i was directly communicating with these Rishis these sages that wrote these leaves many thousands of years ago and I could really feel the blessing that was coming through this reading via the predictions, to me. It was not just the mind receiving information but it was literally a connection being established with those beings with those masters, in this case blessing me and I could really feel it”

The most important part of the reading starts once the actual reading ends. This is when the process of the pujas begins. This topic has been dealt with extensively in other posts.

Many of our clients are inspired by the remedies and pujas connected to their palm leaf reading process. We emphasize, and it is emphasized again and again in the reading, that these remedies are the most important part of the process.

The process of developing a long term relationship with the deities recommended is touching indeed. Check out this short video of Stephan talking with a client that wants to offer feedback about her pujas and remedy practice.

“Now I'm really committing my time to it [the remedies]. It's very beautiful and supportive to create a sacred space to just honor this process.”

Conclusion and Final Comments

“Feeling the heart much more, a trust in life. No matter what, no matter how difficult it is on the outside, or how beautiful it is on the outside. This light of presence of the heart is always there to guide me. Even when I forget it will call me back, call me back, call me back. And a remembrance, a felt remembrance of how much support there is for us, that the sages are real, the masters are real, angels are real. There is so much around us holding us blessing us no matter how difficult”

Kyle Brooks

Kyle Brooks is our trusted blog writer. With many years of experience as a Hridaya teacher, he has a broad experience with and knowledge of spiritual topics. Kyle is a breathwork and meditation specialist.

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