Sacred Souvenirs from the Navagraha temples

We collected some sacred souvenirs from the Navagraha temples for you, to bring the energetic frequencies of the Navagraha temples into your living space. 

After some people asked us to bring them some sacred items, we decided to put together these packages to combine the energies of the Navagraha temples.

You will get them shipped directly from India to your home and you can use them to create an altar or as gifts.

The total cost of the souvenir package incl. shipping is 112€.

Collected for you with Love and the blessings of the Navagrahas

What is in the packages?

An altar cloth is spread on your puja altar for a divine experience. 

Ganesha is considered to be the remover of all obstacles. Whenever we face challenges, we can turn to him with the mantra “Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha” and ask for his support to remove the obstacles.

This Ganesha is very special. It contains all the grains associated with each of the nine planets and unites them.

The background of incense is that they should remind us of the divine scents. With the package you get incense sticks and two small incense pots. To use the incense pots, it is best to get a small bowl and fill it with sand or earth. Then you can simply light it and enjoy the fragrance.

Yantras consist of mantras and geometric figures engraved on a copper plate. The mantras and geometric figures resonate energetically with various energies of the cosmos and reabsorb them in the places where they are placed. They can energize, harmonize or have a protective effect. In your package you will receive yantras from the 9 planets, as well as Jupiter and Saturn.

Vibuthi is sacred ash made in a very special process. It is dedicated to Shiva and has the power to bless us. Just take some of the ash and apply it to the third eye.

This red powder is also applied to the third eye. It represents the female aspect of creation, also called Shakti or the divine mother.

In the package you will also find various images of different deities, such as Lakshmi in small size and printed on wood, the nine planets, the 18 Siddhas, which is considered a special lineage of masters in Tamil Nadu, the sun as well as a Shiva Lingam.

The Shiva Lingam represents a very important symbolism in India and is considered to be a very strong power object. Shiva Lingams also exist beyond the borders of India. It is the symbol for Shiva and Shakti, i.e. the female and male energy connected as one.

We have brought you the green ribbon from the Mercury Temple. It symbolizes the blessing energetic color frequency of Mercury. You can simply tie it around your wrist and wear it until it falls off by itself.

Om symbolizes the primordial sound of creation. It is the sound from which all creation has emerged. When we carry the Om sign with us, it helps us to bring ourselves energetically into harmony with this primordial vibration.

The ring made of copper symbolizes “Nagar”, the snake, which is a symbol of the Kundalini force. It is a dormant force within us that symbolizes awakening into spirituality.

In your package you will find a small clay bowl, a golden bowl and white small threads. You can take one of the white threads and place it in one of the vessels and then fill it with ghee, sesame oil or coconut oil and light it with a match and dedicate it to the Divine.

The sun represents the Sun Temple that we visited for you. It symbolizes vitality, life force and the divine light that shines within each of us.

Rudraksha is the seed of the Rudraksha fruit. It is dedicated to Shiva. A mala made of Rudraksha is therefore something very valuable and special.