Testimonios sobre la lectura de las hojas de la palma de la mano

Customer experiences



Finding my palm leaf has helped me have more confidence in life and the way things happen. I have always been someone who wondered if I was on the right path, which stopped me from moving forward in many things. The guidance I received from the Rishis gave me a sense of “permission” to live the path of life I have always felt called to and to have more confidence in my process and the way it unfolds develop things. Receiving the blessings of the Rishis was a great gift


My experience with palm leaf reading was very powerful. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, but later, while chatting on Zoom with the Brahmin and the Tamil translator, I could clearly feel the accuracy of the information I was receiving and open myself to the blessings of the rishis and the sacredness behind this. Thank you very much for this eye-opening experience..


Finding my palm leaf was more shocking and sacred than I would have expected. Everyone involved was really genuine and I felt blessed to have their support. Reading helped me trust more and surrender to love. It confirmed to me what karma and what challenges I need to overcome in my life, which is already allowing me more fluidity and openness in life.


“Palm reading was a precious and nourishing gift to my soul. The rishis’ insights and guidance, as well as the remedies, were a beautiful confirmation that I am on the right path. A shower of faith and trust that served me as a great support.

A few weeks after the palm reading, I feel the blessing of the reading, the connection to this ancient tradition, and I can see some transformations taking place.”


“My palm leaf reading was enlightening and inspiring. From the beginning, I experienced many emotions related to my reading: nervousness about the assignment process, excitement about discovering my sheet, and amazement at the content.”


“I am more than happy that the palm leaf found me. I am always drawn to go deeper into myself on my path and this palm leaf is an incredible tool for that..

I can’t wait to apply the remedies in a few days for the next full moon.

Thank you Stephan for coordinating and facilitating access to the palm leaf for everyone, it is a great gift to humanity.”