Testimonianze di lettura delle foglie di palma




Finding my Palm Leaf really helped me feel more trust in life and the way things happen. I was always someone that wondered whether I was on the right path, which kept from me the ability to move forward with many things. The guidance I received from the Rishis gave me a sense of ‘permission’ to live the life path that I always felt called towards, and have more trust in my process and the way things are unfolding. Receiving their blessings has been such a gift.


My experience with my palm leaf reading was very powerful. When I first heard of it, my mind was doubtful about the process, but then, when I sat with the Brahmin and tamil translator in my zoom call, I could definitely feel the accuracy of the information I was receiving, opening to the blessing of the Rishis and the sacredness behind it all. Thank you so much for this eye-opening experience.


Finding my palm leaf was more impactful and sacred than I could have expected. Everyone involved felt truly authentic, and I felt blessed to have had their support. The reading has helped me to trust more, and surrender to love. It gave me confirmation of what karma and challenges in my life I will need to overcome, which is already allowing more flow and openness to life.

Thank you so much.


“The palm leave reading was a precious and nourishing gift to my soul. The insights and guidance of the Rishis, as well as the remedies, was a beautiful confirmation of being in the right path. A shower of faith and trust that was very supportive.

Some weeks after the reading, I feel the blessings of it, the connection to that ancient tradition and I can see some transformations that start to unfold.”


“My Palm leaf reading was enlightening and inspiring. From the beginning I experienced many emotions relating my reading- nervousness for the matching process, excitement for the discovery of my leaf, and wonder for the content there within.”

Mypalmleaf client

“I am more than happy that the Palm leaf found me. I am always attracted to exploring deeper into myself along my path, and this Palm leaf is an incredible tool for that.

 I actually can’t wait to perform the remedies in a few days for the coming full moon.

Thank you Stephan to coordinate and facilitate access to the Palm leaf for everyone, it is a great gift for humanity.”