Blessings of the Planet – Navagraha Pujas

January 16 – 24 2024

Join a virtual pilgrimage to the temples of the 9 planets in India.

Have ceremonies performed in your name & receive the blessings of the planets.

The Palm Leaf Readings and Vedic Astrology are sister sciences that are both part of “Jyotish”, the art of of predicting the future.

In the south of India, close to the palm leaf library, there is a group of 9 temples, dedicated to the 9 planets of Vedic astrology.

Each temple is connected with one of these planets and it is said that going on a pilgrimage to these temples and performing ceremonies there helps to clear negative Karma and to create a more positive relationship with the planets.

The Mypalmleaf team is going on a pilgrimage to the Navagraha temples and invites you to be part of this journey.

If you wish, then ceremonies can be performed for you at each temple, to clean Karma and improve the influence of each planet.

Navagraha Temple
Mypalmleaf is going on a pilgrimage to the Navagrah temples.

There are priests at each temple, who are the guardians of the place and who perform offerings to the planets on the behalf of people.

We will arrange ceremonies to be performed in your name at each of the temples, so you receive energetic blessings from the temples.

To perform ceremonies at the Navagraha temples is creating a stronger energetic connection between you and each of the planets.

It is said that this will improve their astrological influence on your life, will help to soften challenging influences and improve good influences.

Working with the Navagrahas is a tool to clear Karma.

We are going to visit the Navagraha temples January 16-24. 2024.

Please join by signing up on this page.

You will be added to a WhatsApp and Telegram group, where we will add daily updates, photos and videos during the pilgrimage.

After booking, please send us your full name, Moon Nakshatra and Moon sign. If you do not know them, please send us your date, time and place of birth and one of our astrologers will calculate them for you.

The cost for having ceremonies performed for you at all 9 temples is 157€

If you would like to receive sacred items from each temple, shipped to you after the pilgrimage, the cost is 288€ for ceremonies & items.

Your payment for the virtual pilgrimage will be used to:

  • pay the priests performing the rituals
  • pay the offerings used in the ritual
  • cover some of the general pilgrimage costs
  • to make donations to charity organizations related to the Navagraha temples
Absolutely. There are many ways to work on your Karma.

Participating in the virtual pilgrimage is a simple, yet very powerful way to create energetic connections with the planets and improve their influence on your life. This is especially helpful when we feel stuck in patterns or blockages.

However, there are countless ways how you, yourself, can work on your Karma. For example by doing good deeds, helping others, doing spiritual practices, chanting mantras etc.

The power lies within you. This offer is meant to support you, if you wish. But you are the creator of your own life and the intention of this offering is to strengthen your own spiritual practice.

Our team who will be visiting the temples in January 2024 for you

The Navagrahas

Nava means 9 and Graha means planet or “to attract”.
In the Vedic worldview, the Navagrahas and their influence play a major role in the destiny of every being.

  • Surya or the Sun – blesses with health & affluence
  • Chandra or the Moon – blessed with a great mind & success
  • Mangal or Mars – blesses with prosperity and strength
  • Budha or Mercury – blesses with wisdom & wealth
  • Brihaspati or Jupiter – blesses with education & knowledge
  • Shukra or Venus – blesses with beauty, art & music
  • Shani or Saturn – blesses with discipline and happiness
  • Rahu or the North Lunar Node – blesses with strength
  • Ketu or the South Lunar Node – blesses with health and wealth

Impressions from the Navagraha Temples