• Locating the bundles that might contain your Palm Leaf in India
    • Doing the matching process online to identify your Palm Leaf
    • Reading of the General chapter
    • Reading of chapter 14 (energetic remedies)
    • Video Recording of your Reading
    • Photo of your Palm Leaf.
    • Money Back Guarantee if your leaf can not be found.
  • Every palm leaf contains up to 14 chapters.
    1. General Chapter (you heard it in the palm leaf reading)
    2. Education & Wealth
    3. Siblings
    4. Your mother. Material aspects like house, land, vehicles and material comfort
    5. Children
    6. Enemies and Diseases
    7. Marriage/Relationships
    8. Life span
    9. Your father and ancestors. Your spiritual path.
    10. Career/Job/Business
    11. Luck, profits, potential second marriage
    12. Foreign connection and next incarnation.
    13. Previous birth and old Karma (if available, then it was included in the first reading)
    14. Energetic remedies to improve your life path. (you heard it already)
    * Chapters 4 & 9 will only include your mother or father, if they are still living.
  • Based on the recommendation given to you by the Rishis, in the Palm Leaf reading, a very specific ceremony will be performed for you by a priest in an Indian temple. He will perform the ritual twice per day, with specific prayers and mantras to invoke these energies and blessings in your life. During the ritual, a copper Yantra (sacred geometric diagram) will be charged with the energy of the ritual, and send to you after its completion.  
  • The Dhanvantri Homa is a fire ceremony to invoke the blessings of the Rishi Dhanvantri, the “God of medicine” When you book this ceremony it will be performed in a temple in India for you, to invoke these blessings into your life or for someone you chose to perform it for. It will be live-streamed for you and you receive the recording as well.
  • The Atma Shanthi Puja is a very special ceremony that can be performed for the soul of an ancestor or a loved one, who has passed away. It is especially recommended for those who have died a sudden, unexpected death or if life did not feel complete. It has the intention to help the soul (Atma) to rest in peace (Shanti). This ceremony is performed at a beach in Tamil Nadu, with a very special history. You can choose freely on which day you want the ceremony to be performed and it can be live-streamed over Zoom.
  • We will transcribe, edit and summarise your Palm Leaf reading and put it together as an easy to read, well structured text for you. This is possible only after a Palm leaf reading.
  • The Palm Leaf reading can initiate deep transformational processes, that eventually will lead you to more happiness, but can be challenging as well. In case you would like support in integrating the information and experience into your life, we offer integration and coaching calls via Zoom.
  • You can directly book the creation of your personal Mala here on our website and get:
    • Video call with Spanda to prepare the making of the Mala, based on your wishes.
    • Crystals of your choice
    • Personally made Mala for you
    • Extensively blessed and energetically charged
    • Worldwide shipping
  • You can reschedule your appointment free of any charge until 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. If you reschedule less than 48 hours before the appointment, do not show up or you are more than 20 min late, there is a rescheduling fee as the time slot has been blocked for you.

    995.00 2,165.00 
    Your 10 day yoga journey to Rishikesh includes:
    • Airport pick up and drop off
    • Comfortable Accommodation for 9 nights at the yoga center
    • 3 Lovingly prepared healthy vegetarian meals per day
    • Daily yoga classes
    • Consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor
    • Kirtan, Satsangs and additional teachings
    • Guidance and Support from the Mypalmleaf team
    • Your palm leaf is being read and recorded for you in the palm leaf library in Bali
    • Video Recording of your Reading


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