Palm leaf library Bali

The palm leaf library Bali is an institution, which aims to preserve the ancient sciences of the palm leaves. It contains not only personal palm leaves, but also many scriptures with ancient knowledge.

The palm leaves have been transcribed into books and the palm leaf reader will read from these books when giving the reading. The palm leaf readers are highly trained and usually meditate before each reading to connect with the karmic field of the seekers.

The reading takes between 25-50 minutes. It will be send to you as a video recording.
The Bali palm leaf library is located in the north of Bali, about 3 hours from the International airport in Denpasar.

The total price of the reading is 150€.

If you are living in a EU country, VAT will be added to the price. You can see the price for your country on the booking page.

The reading from the Bali palm leaf library will give you insights about the energetic characteristics of your being.

It will help you to understand more about yourself and will give you advice on how to align your life with the purpose of your soul.

The process of your Bali Palm leaf reading

The palm leaf library bali​ also has a small exhibition about the historic tradition of palm leaf writing ​

Palm Leaf Library in India

Your thumbprint, gender and country of birth are required before the reading.

Your palm leaf is identified at the beginning of the call through the matching process.

The entire process takes between 1h45min to 3h.

The reading describes your future life and gives guidance how to transform Karmic blockages with the help of spiritual practices.

In the reading, also the future life of your close family members is described

The cost for the entire process is 249€ – 295€ (+ VAT for EU countries only).

Palm Leaf Library in Bali

Your name, date of birth and a photo is required before the reading.

Your palm leaf is identified before the reading. The content has already transcribed into a book which is used as the base for the reading.

The entire process takes 25-60min.

The reading does not speak about your future. It speaks about the general characteristics of your soul and gives recommendations for your life.

The reading is only about you and does not speak about your family.
The cost for the entire process is 130€ (+VAT for EU countries only)

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