Searching for your Palm Leaf is a profound and beautiful process. The process will fully unfold with it’s transformative effect, when you consider proper preparing for your palm leaf reading.

Therefore, this article will discuss preparing for your reading, both internally and practically.

The Process Begins with Awareness

This begins first of all, by becoming aware of the complex beauty of this process.

How touching is it, that an enlightened being has perceived your life millennia’s ago, knowing that you would now be in need of guidance!?

How beautiful that, out of compassion and love, he decided to write your leaf and infuse it with such blessings that you would feel the call and search for it!

The desire to search for your Palm Leaf does not come from the mind, it has risen from a deep calling of your soul.

Simply remembering this already creates a beautiful effect on your being, and you will literally feel the blessings of the sages upon you.

Orientation to the Reading
For the reading, you will be on a zoom call with the Palm Leaf reader and a translator working out of a temple library in Tamil Nadu, India. You will be assisted by a moderator, a member of the staff of My Palm Leaf.

The role of the moderator is to assist you in any way necessary and to act as a bridge between the palm leaf reader/translator and you, the client. Often this will be by way of helping to interpret the accents (if you find it difficult to understand at first, which can be the case) and to help clarify what is being asked in the case that the question is not clear or if your life situation is somewhat complicated and the answer is not obvious.

During this call, after a brief introduction and meeting with the moderator, the matching process takes place. You will be asked questions from a number of different reference or index leaves until your own palm leaf is discovered.

Usually there will be no doubt that the leaf is yours because of the accuracy of the information contained. Especially surprising will be the names of both you and your two parents.

We do not know beforehand how long this process will take. In most cases it takes 20 minutes to an hour, although it can take longer.

Once Your Palm Leaf is Found
After your leaf is found, the reading of the general chapter about your life happens, which takes about 45 minutes. Following this, is the reading of Chapters 13 + 14, old karma and energetic remedies.

Chapter 14, the chapter on energetic remedies, or pujas, is especially important. This is the primary way that you as a seeker can really engage with the contents of the palm leaf.

Applying these remedies exactly as prescribed in your horoscope is a way of taking full responsibility for the situations that unfold in your life. Actively engaging the process of transformation that is waiting to unfold.

We do not know beforehand how long this process will take. In most cases it takes 20 minutes to an hour, although it can take longer.

The moment a palm leaf is found

Preparing for Your Palm Leaf Reading

Technical Aspects:

  • Please make sure you have downloaded and have a basic understanding of how to use it
  • Make sure you have a good and stable internet connection, and if in doubt to have a back up. For example, if your wi-fi sometimes has issues, make sure you have mobile internet as well.

Preparing for Your Palm Leaf Reading:

  • Be in an undisturbed place in which you feel comfortable and awake.
  • Switch off your phone, or if you are using it, switch off all notifications.
  • Have a glass of water with you.
  • Ideally we recommend to block out around 3 hours of availability, free from disturbance.

For the Matching Process:

  • You will receive a video recording of the reading afterwards, so you do not need to take notes.
  • During the matching, there will be questions/statements like “The name of your father contains 6 letters” etc. For this, we recommend, to have a piece of paper with you and write on it: a) your first and middle name (if you have one) and the first and middle names of your parents. Also count the letters of each name.
Palm leaf reader and translator in a reading

Understand the Matching Process:
To fully understand, what is happening during the matching process, we highly recommend to read the more detailed description about it on the “How the Process Works” page

Moderator support:
Throughout your reading the moderator will be there to support you. Ask for anything that you need, especially to help interpret of the questions.

Another important role of the moderator is in explaining clearly the process for practicing the pujas and other remedies. This takes place after the reading has finished. The palm leaf reader and translator will subsequently leave the Zoom meeting room. Then, your moderator will then be fully present for as long as is needed. They will answer questions and clarify any unclear details should the need arise.

Following this the moderator will talk you through the puja process. They will cover appropriate approach to practicing the pujas in some detail if needed. Additionally they will clarify, in a very practical manner, which pujas are to be done when etc.

The Days Following Your Reading

Within a few days of your palm leaf reading you will receive a couple of emails:

  • One that will contain a download link to the recording (video and audio) and a complete zoom chat transcript from the reading. (The translator will use the chat a lot during the reading to clarify details, dates, mantras, non english words etc.)
  • A second email will come shortly after the first. It contains general and personal advice on the practice of the remedies. Especially, the deities, mantras, days of the week and total number of each puja that should be done. This email will also contain links for Gurudhan and for arranging the various additional pujas. These are done for you by trained priests in temples in India.

We recommend that you take some days following your reading to reflect on what you received. There is a lot of information in the leaves that will take some time to digest. For this it is also recommended to watch the video or listen to the recording of your reading. There will be many details that you missed or forgot the first time around.

The reading is much more than just a large amount of information. There is a potent window for connection to the subtle realm of love and compassion. This love for humanity, represented by the rishis is perhaps more important than anything else. This is, again, why we recommend thoroughly preparing for your palm leaf reading.

We highly recommend that you make quiet moments, at least for the few days following the reading. It is ideal to sit and reflect, perhaps offering a prayer, invocation, song. Or, just sharing how you feel and where you are at following the reading. Strange as it may sound, this is a good way of consciously connecting with the subtle realm.

Remember, grace is a gift, but there is no harm or shame in asking

Additional Chapter Readings
As you may have noticed above, the first reading contains the chapters 1 (general overview of your life), 13 (previous life time karmas) and 14 (the pujas and remedies). This is already a LOT to take in.

To go deeper into your leaf and receive more detailed guidance in various areas of your life, you can arrange Additional Chapter Readings.

Follow-up Calls
My Palm Leaf also offers follow up coaching and integration/support calls to anyone interested to get more out of their reading, or who might need a little extra support with their pujas and remedies.

Again, it is worth saying that the practice of the pujas is HIGHLY recommended as it is the most important part of the reading. This is the part that can bring real, tangible change in your life.

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About My Palm Leaf

The legends say that thousands of years ago, a group of Indian sages perceived the lives of people living throughout all ages and wrote them onto the Palm Leaves. These manuscripts are stored in temple libraries all over the south of India.

We help you to find your manuscript, have a reading online and receive the guidance of the sages. This guidance can assist you to overcome obstacles in your life, and understand your life from a higher perspective.